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      Around the Temple area & the Old City of David

 Dome of the Rock     

                 Temple Mount built on the summit of Mount Mariah

                 Temple Mount     

                 The Golden Gates

                 Western Wall Jerusalem     

                 South/Western Wall excavations

                 Old City Excavations at the south-western corner of the Temple     

                 Southern (Ophel) Excavations 

                 Southern (Ophel) Excavations     

                 Southern Excavations

                 Southern Excavations     

                 Excavations in Jerusalem

                 Excavating the Pool of Siloam     

                 Pool of Bethesda

                 Road used by pilgrims ascending from the Pool of Siloam to the Temple Mount via the Hulda Gates in the Southern Wall.     

                 Hezekiahs Tunnel

                 The Crusader Church of St Anne built in the twelfth century     

                 Inside the Church of St Anne

Via Dolorosa (Way of the Cross)     

                               Church of the Holy Sepulchre

                  In the garden (GardenTomb) Jerusalem     

                  Garden Tomb

                  In the Garden (Garden Tomb) Jerusalem     

Model of the Old City of Jerusalem 

    Model of Old Jerusalem     

Model of Old Jerusalem

   Model of Old Jerusalem     

Temple (Holy of Holies)   

   Holy Land

    Mount of Olives

  Mount Zion

  Ein Karim

  Abu Gosh                                                    



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